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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Tips

It seems that Pokémon Go is still going strong out there and everyone is playing. There was a recent major content update and in light of that, here is a collection of Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks.

Gotta catch ’em all, right?

Clash Royale Title

Clash Royale – A Guide

Be Patient With Your Offensive Approach

Clash Royale takes the Clash of Clans formula and mashes it up with card combating mechanics. A lot of magic strikes and the exact same troops you’re familiar with are contained here in trading card sort. On the battlefield, it might seem like an excellent idea to rush the assault as fast as possible and take down your opponent. But during the opening minutes of a match, start out slow with your offensive strategy.

Don’t freak out too much when you find your towers are getting attacked; stay composed and send your troops out according to your tactical plans. When you do take a minimum of one Competition Tower down, that’s the time where you should ramp up your assault and grab the win as fast as possible. As the time winds down to seconds and its last minute, the speed where your Elixir refills will double. This provides you with a chance to place even more troops on the field than before.

Smash it With Arrows and Fireballs when You’re Ready to Place Waste to the King’s Tower

Here’s an important Clash Royale tip that you’ll should take heed of – once one of your opponents’ Rival Towers decrease, its King’s Tower will begin attacking you. That super tower that is important may also begin attacking you once you hit them first. If you believe the King’s Towers’ strikes are beginning to rev up or you’re prepared to beat ’ em down early, throw some fireballs and arrows its way. The King’s Tower is a strong foe, but a mix of those strikes plus the help of troops that are already on the field should whittle its health down in no time. Your set of fireballs and arrows should only be used on the King’s Tower to be quite honest. Using those assault cards in some other manner works just as well.

Use Your Elixir Intelligently

Pay close attention to your own Elixir meter as you pull out cards that are new and place em that is ’ . Fight the impulse to put a powerful troop out on day one of a match; play with the type of cards who’s value reaches as much as a max amount of four. Use units that are smaller at first in order to flood the battlefield and whittle down your foe’s tower wellness. It to let your towers wipe out the smaller troops attacking them instead of spending Elixir to spawn a card in order to get the better of them. You should only spend when you realize you’ll have enough to spend on another troop right after some Elixir to spawn a powerful troop. Do’t function as the kind of player who overspends Elixir and has little to none to work with against an overwhelming force.

The Greatest Troop Cards You’ll Must Employ

We now have a couple favorites, as it pertains to the troop cards you’ll desire to undoubtedly carry into conflict. Goblins and Super Goblins are not expensive as it pertains to spending Elixir, so it’s not difficult to throw a bunch of em that is ’ on the battlefield. Archers are great long range troops who you should set up near your towers. Baby Dragons can avoid the strikes of some troops, plus its fireball strikes have the ability to wipe out multiple troop at the same time. Barbarians pack lots of HP, helping to make them amazing “Tank” type characters who continue a superb while and can tear up enemy troops quickly. Golems are the strongest troop type there’s throw one out near the ending minutes of a match to nab the triumph ASAP. Minion Horde, giant Skeleton, Wizard and Prince cards come in handy too, so embrace a strategy for them that works for you.

Getting New Cards Takes Some Time, So Here’s How You’ll Need To Wait for Those New Chests to Open

If you’re pressed for time, chances are high that you’re gonna spend a couple of jewels to open chests that are recently obtained up immediately. You’ll be allowed access to cards that are new just by cracking open. You ’ll be lucky enough to get an Infrequent or type card that is Epic Poem. You then should’t if you’re patient have much of an issue waiting the allotted time needed for a chest to reveal it’s goods.

  • Free Chests open up when you get ’em (you’ll get a brand new one every four hours), plus Silver Torsos take three hours to open.
  • Gold Chests take eight hours,
  • Magic Chests take 12 hours and Crown Chests open up immediately (you’ll get a brand new one every 24 hours).
  • For the last two chest sorts in the game, Giant Chests take Super Magic Chests and 12 hours take 24 hours to open.

The Best Time to Break Out Your Poison Spell

When you eventually add the Poison charm card to your own deck, make sure that you use it during one specific scenario that happens during every match. It’s best to hit them with this gaseous cloud of departure, when you find your towers becoming a bit flooded by enemy troops. That way, you’ll be able open them up for more assaults out of your towers and to slow on enemies that are incoming. The Poison charm card also helps give your troops an edge since they’ll have an easier time wiping out troops that are poisoned. The Poison charm card costs four points of Elixir, so it should be easy to break it out when the time’s right.

Be Smart About Your Gold Spending

It’s much far better to be choosy about your upgrades, although it’s quite tempting in the beginning to update every card you possibly can. Generally, I’d stick since they’re more affordable to upgrading mostly common cards. Also, simply use your gold to update cards you understand you use often and enjoy. Free torsos are given for you at regular periods and you get a chest when you win a conflict so you will be able to update other cards along the way in the goodies you get in those torsos. Gold is extremely tough to come by in the game, so being careful about how you spend it’ll make a difference for your deck and the number of battles you win.

And there you have it: pretty much everything you need to know to dominate at Clash Royale!

Taking A Peek At Diamond Digger Saga

The Diamond Digger Saga program has iPad perspective and a committed iPhone, but its current success is because of those behind the application. The Diamond Digger Saga program is from Farm Heroes and Candy Crush Saga’s makers, although it’s the latter title which has required both Android and iOS platforms by storm.

The gameplay is a small departure from conventional Match-3 games like Candy Crush. You must clear a route by clicking on groups of 3 or more identical diamonds.. This permits water to go in the top of the screen to the bottom, leading you to new areas and potential opportunities for treasure. Each level has an alternate aim, such as to hit a certain score or gather up some isolated fireflies along the way. It is simple with each phase not taking to finish – and that’s where King gets you.

Youwill find that the first couple of degrees are a breeze.. However, King has interspersed some really hard ones in there, so you will likely end up spending money in the game sooner rather than after.

It is an idea which is both skeptical and sometimes head-scratching. Diamond Digger Saga is just really easy to play that casual gaming fans will be drawn in again, appreciating the simplicity of simply exploiting to clear, without any fears of a time limit. Diamond Digger Saga does not have as many levels as other games in this genre, but we can expect that over time more will be added, and it offers up just enough simple fun to lure you into the encounter.

Here’s a link If you’re needing some Diamond Digger Saga technqiues

Ten Important Star Wars Commander Help And Cheats

Star Wars Commander is a new mobile game from Disney Interactive that plays a lot like Clash of Clans. Here are some amazing Star Wars: Commander Cheats and Secrets for novices.

1. Take Advantage of Your 1st Few Days of Immunity Against Player Attacks

One of the first things about Star Wars: Commander, you will notice that there is a live player vs. player feature of the game. Since you won’t have resources or the troops needed to attack/defend yourself, the game gives you a couple days of immunity. Use this protective time period to become more knowledgeable about the single-player characteristics of the game.

Notice that you attack someone during your resistance period, which will immediately remove your timed protection. And if you’re willing to purchase some timed protection, you must always cop the 1-week protection boost.

2. The Empire Troops Have entry to Extra Unit Conveyances, although They May Be Poorer

When selecting which side to play as (the Rebels or the Empire), note that you’ll have use of the exact same infantry sorts with distinct looks obviously. You will reach train and utilize the aid of rocket launcher equipped soldiers, heavy machine gunners, snipers and much more.

Note the Rebels are the stronger of the sides you’ll really get to pick from. Though the Empire is a bit poorer, they have use of additional unit transports.

3. Focus

Among the buildings you need to concentrate your efforts that are upgrading on is your Research Facility. A powerful Research Facility leads to your troops (leveled all and up) becoming even stronger. For example, training stormstroopers and after that studying them will cause them to become super dependable.

4. Build Up A Healthy Amount of Barracks

Your Barracks are needed to be able to train your troops. Build a lot of Barracks up and make your troops a top priority of building to update the, on your own list. Doing so will result in your troops much faster and also the larger number of troops at a time can be trained by you.

5. Towards Using Your Starship Command Airstrikes, the top Methods

Once you unlock the starship command, you’ll be able to work with airstrikes for even faster and greater amounts of damage. Your best bet using the airstrikes is to you either take the firearms out or take out resource buildings. Or, if you are actually trying hard to really go for metals, unleash your air stripes on the enemy headquarters so that it’s quite easy to remove.

6. Update Your Credit Vault a Short Ton, Too

Another building upgrading is focused on by you is your credit vault. You’ll have to stash those crystals and all that cash you will be amassing as time goes on. This also goes for your alloy depot.

7. Keep You’ll and Your Base Clean Be Allowed Some Crystals to your Troubles

This hint’s quite simple – ensure you clean stone heaps and all of the crap off you’ve trashed through your foundation. Ensure that your droids do all this dirty work and you will earn some extra crystals. Entire assignments and log in with Facebook to nab some more crystals too.

Be sure to complete any storyline assignments with three stars. This achievement will gift you with some crystals also.

8. Defend Your Buildings that are More Important and Use Your Less Important Buildings to Defend Against Assaults

You must make it a top priority to offer up some walls around your important buildings, for example your alloy storehouse and credit vault. That also goes for the sets. If there is any building you are willing to sacrifice for the greater good, then you definitely ought to use them to encircle the margin all around your buildings that are better.

Make sure to put some turrets near your defensive walls and fortresses that are building live players do not get too close to your buildings that are cherished.

9. The Brightest strategies to Approach

Once you’re able to take on a live player, you should make certain you’ve got a worthy quantity of troops and resources before you head into conflict. Once the live player battle begins, you should ensure it is a habit to take their gun turrets out ASAP. Then make sure to tear their defensive walls down when they happen to possess any. Once you’ve done all of this, focus your attention on depleting their resources and knocking down their buildings.

You should also make this resource a top priority to tear down, in the event the live player you’re taking on has a shield generator. During these player skirmishes that are live, you should set your chosen heroes. You might as well focus on beating down those much weaker players that are live.

10. Attempt to Build More Than One of all Up At a Time

It’s possible for you to build up several resource generators in a time so that they will make more alloy and circuits:

You can also build a lot more than one with respect to the level of your headquarters, although it is possible to upgrade your resource generators to make credits and more alloy. Building greater than one troop transport is particularly important when later missions begin pitting you against large numbers of enemy soldiers.

Poptropica Mythology Island Guide

Here is a detailed tutorial to beating Mythology Island in Poptropica.

Go left to find the Tree of Immortality, when you arrive on Main Street. It’s possible for you to scale to the top by bouncing on mushrooms, jumping from branch to branch, and climbing on the snakes like they were vines.

Speak to the satyr and he will tell 10 jars to gather . When you have got them all, return to the satyr and he’ll open a secret route for you.

Walk across the satyr’s secret route. Click the branch above to knock the golden apple down.

The mighty God Zeus appears out of thin air, once you pick the Golden Apple. He supplies you with a scroll of Sacred Items and challenges one to finish a quest to retrieve them.

Examine the Sacred Items Scroll to learn the five pieces you must return to Zeus.

You’ll need to flip the switches at each point in the acqueduct to cause the water to flow down into the pool below.

After you have fixed the acqueduct, the Uncommon Bloom will bloom next to the Sphinx.

Pick the Pomegranates from the tree above the Sphinx.

Visit the Museum of Olympus on Main Street. The Starfish is on the statue of Poseidon.

You can obtain a free Reed Pipe in Apollo’s Temple.

Once the Reed Pipe is in your backpack, click on the statue of Euterpe and she is going to teach you how you can play with a tune. You will need to memorize the musical notes and then repeat them to complete the task.

To add the Pipe Tune to your inventory, first learn a song from Euterpe. She will give you the Pipe Tune.

Next you’ll need to head all the way to the left where you’ll locate the entrance to the minotaur’s Labyrinth. To open the door, use the Reed Pipe to play the notes you see there in the right order.

When you walk through the maze, you’ll leave a strand of golden thread behind you. Follow it back to your last turn if you get lost inside.

You need to solve the bones puzzle, to pass through the middle of the maze. But it is a sneaky trick. Remove six bones so that the ones that are left spell out the word TEN.

When you arrive at the snakes mural, click on three with the red spiral eyes to open the gate and pass through.

Once you’re beyond the labyrinth, talk with the Minotaur and he’ll give you his nose Ring.

Clean all three spots of graffiti off of Hades’ temple. The worker provides you with the Drachma.

You will see an altar inside Hades’ Temple. To enter the Underworld, place the Pomegranates on it.

The boatman will take you across the river. Prevent falling stalactites, hungry gators, and flaming skulls to cross safely.

Play the Pipe Tune in your Reed Pipe to set the Cerberus to sleep. Then pluck his whisker.

Time to head to the shore! Enter Poseidon’s Temple and place the Starfish on the altar inside. You will be carried to Poseidon’s Realm.

Aphrodite gives you a brief quiz where you must imagine the names of several of the Greek Gods. In the event you ‘re having problem, you can learn them all inside the Museum of Olympus.

Finish Aphrodite’s challenge to get the Touchscreen Mirror.

Dive down below the surface to enter the submerged maze. Fill up your oxygen meter by swimming into bubbles.

Inside the labyrinth you’ll locate an oyster. Wait for it to open and then take the Pearl which you’ll see inside.

Defeat the Hydra by jumping on each of its heads.

After you conquer the Hydra, click on its sleeping type to pick up the Hydra Scale.

Once you’ve got all five Sacred Things, return to Athena at the base of the tree. When prompted, assemble the secret message!

After the Holy Things are stolen, Athena will tell you to ask Hercules for help. You will locate him in Herc’s Hero Hut.

Use the Touchscreen Mirror to warp to the underworld. Hercules will move the boulder for you.

Speak to Hades in his throne room to get his Crown.

Warp with Hercules to Poseidon’s Realm. Hercules will open up the way for you to enter.

Speak to Poseidon in the throneroom room to get his Trident.

Once you’ve Hades’ Crown and Poseidon’s Trident, warp with Hercules to the gates of Olympus. He can open the gate.

Purchase a Bag of Wind from Aeolus at the foundation of Mt. Olympus. It costs one Drachma.

Use the Bag of Wind and it will carry you up part of the mountain. From there, just jump on the remaining stages to reach the top.

Shoot Zeus with Poseidon’s Trident to damage him. Avert his lightning bolts and wind gusts. Pick up pink clouds to restore your energy.

Poptropica Land Revealed

Kids can create, destroy and reconstruct at will whatever their imaginations can dream with Poptropica Land, established now from Poptropica, the popular virtual world for children. Developed in response to requests from kids, Poptropica Land enables Members to “alter the world” by inventing their very own Islands.

In Poptropica Land, players locate a mysterious tool, spoken of in Early Norse legend, which grants them unbelievable power over the world around them – the power to explore, the power to create and the power to destroy.

Last February, Poptropica Members were invited to participate in the first Poptropica Laboratories experiment – for testing new characteristics with players a theory – to appraise the Poptropica Property prototype. Members rose to the occasion, crafting Islands that may be inhabited by everything from space creatures to dragons, and sharing their experiences, which were used to develop the “alpha software, version 2” of the merchandise.

“Kids adore Poptropica Islands, but they also want to invent their own virtual worlds and storylines, and now they can,” said Jordan Leary, game designer and programmer for Poptropica, who leads the attempt to create Poptropica Land. “Using feedback from thousands of Poptropica Members, we could give a fresh experience that puts the power of creation, and of storytelling, in the hands of our players.”

Parents can purchase Poptropica Membership because of their kids in one for less than $4 per month -, three- or six-month recurring increments. Membership gives access to players to access to photographs demonstrating accomplishments in Isle quests, and the newly released Poptropica Land, Early Access to new Islands, use of costumes and special powers in the Poptropica Store, the capability to save costumes to a personal closet.

Now’s launch is just the start for Poptropica Acreage. New features will be added in the foreseeable future, enabling even more chance for creativity and building stories.

Countless millions of kids have visited Poptropica since its start almost 7 years past, and the number grows every day. Poptropica players come from territories and more than 200 different states and have their web browsers place to more than 100 distinct languages.

Children can stay updated on the official Poptropica website on other exciting developments within the world of Poptropica and news about forthcoming new Islands.

Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids play in complete security and investigate. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and educated games, stories and by Poptropica’s engaging quests.

Kids create a “Poptropican” character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to appreciate a narrative that’s often rooted in factual history. Problem solving skills are honed as children solve mysteries unique to each Isle and discover.

There are always new areas to explore in this ever-enlarging world where kids can collect things, read comic books and digital books, see movies and compete in head to head contest. Parents are always able to trust that their children are playing – and learning – in a safe environment that is mobile and on-line.

Going On The Offense In Boom Beach

You will find two main elements to having an effective offensive strategy: the deciding of your military composition and arrangement of deployment, and using the Gunboat’s special capabilities.


The Gunboat has special abilities that can assist and support your troops. It ought to be noted, nevertheless, that the and all dangerous abilities stun capability allow for friendly fire.

The most frequently used are Artillery and Battery. Both these deal damage to the opponent ‘s buildings. It’s often recommended before deploying troops to ruin defenses that are key like Boom Cannons and Cannons. However, this order may shift on the basis of the kinds of troops you intend to deploy. It should be noted that shells from both these bargain splash damage to enemy buildings; more or two buildings that touch can be damaged by one shell.

For militaries consisting of lower-health units, including Riflemen and Zookas, defensive buildings should be targeted in this order (with Artillery or Barrages), with number one taking the highest precedence:

Rocket Launchers, due to high range and splash damage. A single series of shots may have the ability to wipe out most of a military that consists of health units that are low.

Mortars, due to splash damage, and capability hit their long range against Zookas.

Flamethrowers, because of their ability to inflict high damage to multiple units in addition to their damage over time effect.

Sniper Towers, because of ability -shot lower- shooting speed that was relatively fast and health units. Not as dangerous -health units as some other defensive buildings, however.

Cannons are basically smaller Boom Cannons and are thus ruined for exactly the same reasoning. If the Cannon in question can one-shot the troop(s) you intend to deploy, it might be advisable to prioritize the Cannon over a Boom Cannon, as they have similar health and the Cannon shoots quicker (and will thus kill more of your troops).

Machine Guns can make short work of low health units, especially at close range, but the issue will be easily solved by a multiple or Heavy Heavies.

Boom Cannons can easily one-hit kill a low health unit, but swarming this defensive structure with enough units will easily make waste of it.

For armies that rely on high health units, such as Heavies and Tanks, defensive buildings should be targeted in this order (with Artillery or Barrages), with number one taking the greatest precedence:

Boom Cannons’ damage that is long range and high enable them to decide of your health units that are high one by one, seriously crippling your army.

Cannons can eat away at them fairly nicely and additionally deal high damage to health units that are high, but they are prevented by their shorter range from getting as many shots off before being destroyed, so that they should be prioritized after Boom Cannons.

Rocket Launchers have exceptionally long range and adequate DPS splash damage allowing them to pummel all your Troops for a long time. In addition, if your Heavies get in its blind spot, it is going to begin killing your fragile Zookas which have a range more than the blind spot of the Rocket Launcher.

Sniper Towers deal decent, long range damage to your Troops. Given enough time, troops can badly damage your health Troops that are high, but their higher than regular well-being makes them less advantageous to take out with Gunboat Weaponry.

Mortars have shots that fall slowly which may lead them to fire over your Heavies as they move up which may lead to a chunk Zookas dying.

Flamethrowers can deal high damage to balls of Troops if they may be permitted to, but their ability to shoot your Troops enough to make a significant difference is hindered by their short range. Tanks may even destroy it without it hitting any of them because Tanks have an extended attack range in relation to the Flamethrower.

Machine Guns do such , erroneous that is low damage, they may be a very low danger to health units that are high.

Another ability that is exceptionally significant is the Flare, previously referred to as the signal smoke. This skill is employed to attack a specific building or to guide troops towards a designated location. The careful utilisation is a great means to ruin the adversary’s defensive buildings like the Cannon that can only shoot one target at the same time and the Sniper Tower. It ought to be noted, nonetheless, the Flare can be applied in conjunction with the Shock Blast to ease a Warrior rush at the HQ.

Both Shock Bomb and the Smoke Screen enable troops a chance at not being hit by defenses. The primary difference, however, is the Smoke Screen shields troops from enemy fire within its area of effect (allowing troops to move through it but not shoot), while the Shock Bomb disables defenses. It is suggested to use these to disable and/or avoid the effect of high damage or splash damage units, based on what army composition can be used.

Troops can be treated with use. It needs to be noted that although it might be used to counteract the damage like Machine Gun, the Mortar and Flamethrower, it doesn’t do much to counteract the damage -target defenses, notably at higher levels. Troops are especially useful when dealing with Flamethrowers, as it deals damage to troops even after it has stopped shooting flames at them.

Common Offensive Maneuvers


A meat shield is when you use well-being troops that are high in your front line of attack to defend your rear line of high damage troops. The most usual sort of meatshield military is the Heavy- Zooka or Hooka army. This is quite useful against moderate-degree bases with few high-dps singleshot defenses.


Usually used with Riflemen, opposing defenses overwhelm with the absolute number of troops. Singleshot defenses are usually no match for this particular army, but Flamethrowers, Mortars, and Rocket Launchers can damage and take out many troops at the same time.


A base which is laid out with the map’s HQ at the very back is not invulnerable to being sniped. By sending around enemy defenses with Flares in Heavies or Riflemen, a HQ with few defenses behind it is not invulnerable to attack from the tree-covered areas behind the foundation. Use this in your favor.

HQ Hurrying

Generally used with Warriors, supporting them with Shock Bombs and Smoke Screens and Flaring the secrets for boom beach HQ, the Warriors rapidly destroy the HQ because of their high damage. AOE (area of effect) and splash damage is generally fixed back by the Warriors, but Sniper Towers, Cannons and high level Boom Cannons can 1 shot or 2 shot them so remember to Shock Blast these defenses.