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Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges

Fortnite, everyone’s favorite battle royale game, has entered Season 5 and the first week’s challenges are here. Remember to always try and complete the challenges if you want to amass the most XP and tier points. Here is the list of the Week 1 challenges for Season 5 of Fortnite.

  1. Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 total)
  2. Search a Supply Llama
  3. Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade Eliminations (Hard)
  4. Search Chests in Snobby Shores
  5. Search floating Lightning Bolts
  6. Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels (Hard)
  7. Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (Hard)

Good luck with this week’s challenges, Fortnite friends!


A Collection of Roblox Wallpapers

I shared my collection of Minecraft Wallpapers not too long ago and wanted to also put together some Roblox wallpapers. I spend almost as much time playing Roblox as I do Minecraft.

One of the things I like best about Roblox are all the different games. Roblox Studio lets you design complete game environments inside Roblox. Some are junk, but there are some really good games there.

OK, here are the wallpapers.


And here are some helpful links to Roblox information and resources if you’re not completely familiar with the game.

Minecraft First Day Survival Strategies

Since the very first day starts, the participant will have to collect timber (a.k.a. wood). To begin with, the participant must look around then proceed towards some other trees. The participant should collect at least 5-8 cubes of timber logs out of trees by holding down the left mouse button while their cursor is on the block. This is enough wood to craft the basic tools and items the player needs immediately, though you’ll certainly want more a little later.

When the player opens up their inventory (E by default), they will see the inventory window.


The player’s avatar takes up most of the upper portion, The inventory below is the space for the player’s items. The bottom 9 slots are the usable slots, called a hotbar. Four armor slots are to the left of the player’s character (ignore those for now, they don’t become useful until much later on), and a 2×2 square to the right of the character as the player’s personal crafting grid, which can be used to craft a few basic items. By clicking the recipe book (5) the player can easily craft items in this grid. Place the wood logs into any space in the crafting grid, and wooden planks will appear to the right of your wood. Left-clicking the planks will cause the wood to disappear and planks to appear as a newly crafted item. Once you have the planks in your hand, you can drag them down to your inventory, and place using the left click.

Four wooden planks can in turn make a crafting table ( place 4 wooden planks in a 2×2 square ) and place the crafting table to use it. Right click your crafting table to access it, this crafting grid is a 3×3 square, big enough for all of the craftable items in Minecraft. The first tools the player should craft are a wooden pickaxe and a wooden sword. If any stone blocks are exposed close by, the player can mine them with a wooden pickaxe for 19 blocks of cobblestone. This is the amount the player needs to create every basic tool they’ll need for this tutorial: a sword, a pickaxe ( you’ll need the upgraded pickaxe for iron and other blocks ), an axe, a shovel, a hoe, and a furnace. You’ll need the furnace to cook meat for food and smelt any ore you mine with your pickaxe. Once the player has a stone axe, they should try to get more wood as time allows; extra wood is useful in many ways, from securing and equipping your base to making charcoal, or simply crafting into planks for quadruple the number of building blocks.

If all goes well, the player can obtain coal quickly. With the sticks they made from their wooden planks and some coal, they will be able to make torches (coal above a stick on the crafting grid). With torches in hand, you can make for the nearest cave, because iron ore is your next goal. Underground will actually be safer than the surface when night falls, so mining the first night away isn’t a bad idea at all. On the other hand, if night is falling and you haven’t found coal, use to furnace to smelt more wood (“logs” , not planks ) to create charcoal, a substitute. ( Additionally, you are able to gather 3 blocks of wool from sheep and combine it with three planks to make a bed. With this you can sleep through the night without the worry of monsters killing you. The downside of this is wasting sunlight the next day mining, or working indoors. )

Night time

For night time, the primary danger will be hostile mobs (monsters) that only spawn in the dark. These include zombies, skeletons, and spiders. It is a good idea to stay in a well-lit shelter (see below).

If you’re really seeking adventure you could always arm yourself with a stone sword and go fight some mobs; you might be able to get some materials for further crafting and some early experience levels, which will come in handy later on. However, all of these monsters will either die (zombies and skeletons) or become less dangerous (spiders) when morning comes, and it will be much easier to fight them later when you have better equipment. If you must fight monsters this early, be especially wary of skeletons; in the open their arrows can kill you at a distance, and if they’re in the water or on higher ground, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach them before they turn you into a (dead) pincushion. If you happen to see any of the more powerful monsters, keep well away from them: At this point an enderman, witch, or even a creeper can kill you easily.

If you are repeatedly getting killed ( perhaps you got too ambitious, a monster got into your shelter, or you didn’t manage to make a shelter ), one desperate response would be to go into ” peaceful difficulty” (see “changing the rules”, below). However, consider this: This being your first day, you aren’t actually losing much until the deaths (at least not after what stuff you’ve gathered is lost ), so you can just tough it out until dawn and start again. Keep on practicing killing mobs until you get the hang of it.


As noted above, you really want to find or make some kind of shelter before your first night, because you won’t want to be killed. The “Shelters” article above gives a lot of emergency shelters and then more advanced ideas, but it only takes a little thinking ahead to manage a decent shelter for your first night. As you move around collecting wood and so on, look at the landscape for potential homes. Easiest (if you can find it) is a small cave with a single entrance that you can wall or fence off. If it’s not quite ideal, consider if you can fix it quickly — say, fencing off a back door to deeper caves. If you don’t have a cave, you may be able to make one, by simply digging into a mountainside or even roofing over a small valley. If instead you have wide, flat space, then go ahead and build a small house. In all cases:

Don’t be too ambitious the first night, because you want it safe before dark, and you also want to light up the space you claim. You can always expand and decorate your home later, or even rearrange the landscape around it.

When picking your location, it’s good to have a view of the landscape so you can see if any monsters are waiting for you in the morning.

Learn about the awesome powers of wood: Fences can be used not only in the obvious way, but as windows or transparent walls, with fence gates to get in and out. Doors provide a full-height option, but you’ll want to surround them with solid blocks (planks, stone, even dirt, but not fences). A few properly-placed ladders can make it a lot easier to get up to your roof or up a hill. A chest will also be useful — stash anything you’re not going to use soon, so you don’t have to worry about it if you happen to get killed.

If you can manage to make a bed early on, place that in your shelter and use it the first night you have it. Getting killed is much less painful when you respawn into a safe place! After the first night, you may well want to spend the nights crafting and mining.


Monsters can’t spawn within 24 blocks of you, but huddling in the dark is no fun — and when you do leave your home, you don’t want to come back to find a monster has moved in. So, you need to light up your space, and at this point, the light you have is torches. A single torch gives enough light to prevent monster spawns completely within a 7 block range (barring obstructions), and reduce them for about the same distance past that. That includes horizontal and vertical steps, so the safe zone only runs 3 spaces or so diagonally. Even outside the safe zone, having some light will sharply reduce the chance of monsters spawning ( depending on how much light), but it’s better to use enough torches to keep your whole home well-lit. If you have extra torches after that, try to light some space outside your home (or at least the entrance ) too, to push back the area where monsters are likely to spawn.

Food and hunger

Once you have tools and shelter, your next priority will be food. Hunger will take a while to hit, so it shouldn’t be a problem on your first day, but you should try to pick up some food for when it does. However, after you’ve been moving around for a while, your food bar will begin rippling and start to decrease. If your food bar drops below 90%, you will not regenerate health, and if it gets to 30%, you can’t sprint. If the hunger bar goes down to empty, you will begin losing health. Unless you’re in Hard mode ( and a beginning player shouldn’t be), you can’t actually starve to death, but you will go down to 1 health point in Normal mode or half your health in Easy mode, and that leaves you quite vulnerable. You don’t lose hunger in Peaceful mode, so you don’t have to worry about that.
In recent versions of Minecraft, the primary drain on your hunger is from healing damage. You will have a little grace period (see “saturation” on the Hunger page ) when starting the game and after eating, but when that’s exhausted, healing a single point of damage (Half Heart. svg) costs the equivalent of 1 . 5 hunger points ( that’s 3/4 of a visible “shank”). Avoid taking falls of more than 3 blocks, drowning or burning yourself, or otherwise taking damage that you will need to heal.

A few other activities also cause hunger, though more slowly:

Fighting: Both attacking mobs and receiving damage cost hunger, even before you start trying to heal damage. (60 blows either way, matches healing Half Heart. svg. ) You will need to slaughter a few animals but pick your fights carefully. Taking damage in other ways counts for this too, but each time you take damage it counts as one ” blow ” no matter how much damage you took.

Sprinting. If you double-tap the forward movement key (W by default), or press your sprint key (Left Ctrl by default), you will sprint. This moves somewhat faster, but it also uses up food. (60 meters matches healing Half Heart. svg. ) However, if you happen to have a sufficient amount of food in your inventory, you can always do it your way.

Jumping. Obviously, you’ll need to jump some just to get around, but don’t bounce around randomly or unnecessarily. (120 jumps matches healing Half Heart. svg. ) Sprinting jumps are especially costly, 4 times as much as a regular jump, although they are the fastest mode of transportation early in the game. Swimming and mining blocks cost a little hunger, but those are minimal compared to the items above.

Note that if you’re (staying) at full health, and not fighting , sprinting and/or jumping, or mining blocks, then you will use no food. Thus, if your character has a secure place to stay, you can just stay put to conserve food while waiting out the night, a storm, or crop/animal growth.

Consider making a basic crop farm immediately after you have settled in a place. Wheat is where you’ll begin:

You can use harvested wheat to make bread. You can obtain it easily using seeds collected by breaking grass. When harvesting wheat, you can use the wheat/seeds to breed cows and chickens, thus having a better food source.

How to Install and Download Minecraft Maps

Minecraft is an environment of infinite creativity, and the nearly limitless collection of maps available online is a testament compared to that. You will find maps to match any taste, from easy to incredibly complex, all produced by additional players and shared for the city. In the event that you were thinking ways to add customized maps to your personal computer edition of Minecraft, we developed this task by step guidebook to assist you.

Step one 1: Download the map.

Minecraft maps can be found as totally free downloads from websites such as for example, Minecraft Globe Discuss and MinecraftDL. To download the archived map document to your personal computer, click on the “Download” or “Download Map” switch. These websites possess maps in various groups that are ideal for different playing designs, such as for example surviving, solving puzzles and eliminating monsters. The maps are usually made by followers who distribute them free of charge.

Remember that looking for Minecraft maps quickly qualified prospects you right into a twilight of shady webpages. There are a great number of infections out there, so be cautious everything you download. Adhere to well-known discussion boards, and don’t adhere to links to unusual ones.

Step two 2: Unzip the file.

The maps you retrieve from the net tend to be zipped or compressed to ensure that they take up small space and become downloaded faster than map files which have not been zipped. You can simply identify the zipped files by their extensions, such as for example .zip (a common regular in Home windows and Operating system X) and .sit.

Unzipping the .zip or .rar document is necessary to ensure that Minecraft may detect them. You will require a document archiver program to get this done, such as for example 7-Zip (Home windows). In the zip file may be the globe folder of the map that you downloaded. Select it once to choose it and go through the Extract To switch. A fresh window will pop-up. Here you can choose where you desire the folder to become extracted. Click OK if you have chosen a location.

If a Mac is used by you, the “Archive Utility” included in OS X can open .zip documents by right-clicking on the .zip and selecting “Open up With > Archive Utility”. The documents and/or folders will become deposited to the same area as the zip, and the zip may then be deleted.

You will require a different program like the Unarchiver for .rar files. That is clear of the App Shop and functions in precisely the same manner as the built-in zip device – simply double-click the archive document and the documents and folders will instantly become extracted to the same area.

When the downloaded zip file contains multiple items, the unzipped files will be kept in a folder which has the same name because the initial zip file. For instance, in the event that you unzip a document known as, the files will be positioned in a folder called minecraftmap. This folder will be positioned in the same folder as the file.

Step three 3: Open up the extracted folder.

Open the folder which you produced by extracting the map file. In the event that you open up the folder with the map’s name, you should observe several documents and folders, including a known level.dat document, a data folder, and many other files. Keep this open up for the present time.


Step 4: Open up the Minecraft will save folder.

After you have the map pack, it’s period to demand conserve folder of your Minecraft profile. By default, the save folder is definitely in the next location:

· Home windows: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\
· Mac Operating system: /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Software Support/Minecraft/will save/

This is one way you can the saves folders:

In Windows.

1. Open up the beginning menu and choose Run.
2. Type (without estimates) ” C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\
” and strike Enter.

In Mac OS.

1. Open up the Finder.
2. Select Proceed and Head to Folder…
3. When prompted, enter (without estimates) “/Users/[yourusername]/Library/Software Support/Minecraft/will save/”.


Step 5: Duplicate the map folder to the will save folder.

Copy the map folder containing the particular level. dat document and data folder from the additional window in to the saves folder. Once you’ve place the map into your will save folder, get on Minecraft as you generally do and you will right now find the brand new maps in your set of available worlds.

Step 6: Begin Minecraft.

Finally, you need to find your brand-new save among all of your other saves. Generally, the name of the brand new customized map should come in the set of worlds. Select the global world, and click “Perform Selected Globe” to begin exploring the brand new custom map.

There you go! You will have all you need to set up a customized map probably the most well-known PC games ever. Therefore experiment, try any maps that passions you, and monitor new and fascinating maps because they debut around the net.

Some of the Very Best Music Players on Android

Music is a thing many can not live without; it may relax you. Because people have a demand for songs manufacturers that are digital, know this. Android programs that are different are capable of enjoying audio. The Android software can allow you to get a lot of music.

Some only need to sit back and listen to their tune on their own Android apparatus, with so many techniques to be amused. There are lots of programs that may provide devices with countless tunes otherwise or at no cost. When it’s audio streaming internet radio, or even an audio player is necessary for the smartphone of someone, below are a few of the very best music programs. Always bear in mind that not all of Android programs are offered for each and every device. Double-check prior to downloading.

1. Internet radio is not anything new, but it has always been a wonderful way to follow old and new tunes by registering at tune, an artist’s name, or genre. Pandora and FM will be both greatest programs people can be obtained in each edition of Android and may download. But not all of the attributes for the two programs are available to users utilizing Android 1.5 or 1.6. Examine the device to confirm which version is installed.

2. Rhapsody (better known as Napster) is, when downloading an unlimited number of tunes sounds amazing. For only $9 months, listeners have access to a huge number of songs and may download them easily for your own device of choice. Apple’s iTunes does not even have that sort of service! It is still a superb way to listen to songs, while users do not get to maintain their tunes without paying more.

3. TuneWiki is really to say about what they are listening to right now and comment. It is not an online radio support such as Last.FM, but it is a wonderful way for everyone to announce their love their favourite musician or whoever they hear Plus, the droid program additionally offers lyrics for audiophiles which like to sing-a-long whilst playing MP3s from the apparatus.

4. Ever desired to get a tune become a ringtone? With only a couple of taps on the screen, any tune can develop into a ringtone together with Ringdroid. Pick which component, how long, and what impacts to use and it’s prepared to go. Folks may also do this with music from films, TV shows, as well as video games (as long as the sound is in a supported format).

5. Winamp comes with features and benefits for audio fans like lock-screen player importing, research along with other capabilities that are helpful. You will be happy to understand that this program can sync with your library. This is surely, if you are a music fan with countless songs onto your own own Android cellphone.

6. The dual twist player program

The is thought of as the best program from the android marketplace. It provides scope to discover an array of songs that is different to you. This program enables you to sync the tunes you’ve got by means of wifi to your notebook. Using a MAC you can use exactly the functionality to be performed by iTunes.

7. Pandora Radio

This really is a radio streaming program that may provide personalized support. Pandora will understand your preferences to ascertain your music preferences. To produce this program run its activities, simply give it your favorite artists or composer.

A great feature is the capability to combine audio effects to the music.These devices catch the top rankings when it concerns the Android cellphone’s applications. Actually, there are a variety of programs according to your own requirements which may be quickly downloaded on the Android phone.

sensual DJ-lady in style headphones listening to music

To locate these droid programs and much more, simply visit the Android Marketplace or into the publisher’s site to obtain them. Last.FM, Pandora, and Rhapsody do need accounts to be made to use the programs. But, it’s a fast and painless procedure. They do so to save favorite songs, playlists, and (in Rhapsody’s case) payment choices. Downloading and listening music has never been more accessible or easier than now. Though it still cost a couple of pennies to (legally) maintain the tunes people enjoy, it is still fantastic to listen to complete songs for free rather.

Killer Screenshots Every Time

Taking screenshots on your own Mac or Windows computer is basic and easy to do even if not everyone knows how.

On Windows, just press the Print Screen key and there is a whole screenshot of everything on your display. On the Mac, simply press Command + Shift + 3 and you get exactly the same thing. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

There are some more complicated instructions for getting more complicated with Mac screenshots, but the keyboard shortcut of Command + Shift + 3 is actually all you need to start.

Need some more ooommmph? Yeah, me too. That’s why there are screenshot apps out there to do even more with your screenshots.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool comes with Windows and fits into a perfect niche for several users. For those who do not desire high-powered screen capture tools, the fundamental functionality of Snipping Tool enables you to record windows that are individual, the whole display, or user-defined capture places. Snipping Tool also offers extremely basic editing functions, like the ability to emphasize and write on your own screen captures. It lacks the sophisticated features contained in other screen capture programs, but it does a fantastic job filling the opening between the frustrating Print Screen and Paste style screen capture in earlier versions of Windows and much more complex programs. Snipping Tool is a sound option should you’ve already got it on your own system and your screen capture needs are minimal and far between.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture lives up to the fast in its name; this program is incredibly receptive and lightweight. Within the tiny user interface is a display recording workhorse, although it doesn’t have a big interface. FastStone Capture can get regions, multiple windows, and multi level menus. You can set it send them by email to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, or embed them in Power Point presentation or a Word. Additionally, this flexible tool features a fundamental but quite powerful screen casting application that supports audio input signal. FastStone Capture might be set to automatically prompt your for a caption with preset choices, which makes bulk-producing screenshots a snap. Another little but convenient feature is the built-in color picker for simple colour sampling.


Jing is the spartan infant brother of another screenshot application, Snagit, each of which are products produced by software company TechSmith. Jing fills a niche in the screen capture bunch, enabling folks who desire to share their screen captures to accomplish that as rapidly as potential. Jing has annotation tools that are fundamental, but the true draw is sharing that is fast.


Till desired, Lightshot is just another tool that lives primarily in your system tray. Just hit a hotkey up, along with the application will take a screencap of a choice, or the entire desktop. The app notes, is sold with a mini editor for adding annotations and highlights, that exists only at the border of the selection panel. Moreover, users can create a complimentary account to be able to upload their screencaps to, providing an internet gallery for simple reference, link sharing and online copy.

Wonderful Screenshot

Wonderful Screenshot for Firefox and Chrome is a browser-based extension that may get a selected section of a website, the portion visible in the browser window and sometimes even the entirety of the webpage in one single go. Wonderful Screenshot comprises a built-in editor for adding annotations, shapes and pointers and for clouding graphics. It also has choices for customizable keyboard shortcuts.


Nimbus Screenshot

Another great browser-based option is Nimbus Screenshot, accessible as a Windows desktop program, and on Chrome, Firefox. Users can take a screenshot of an entire webpage, a selected area, or the complete browser window, and built-in tools let users to annotate and edit screenshots. The desktop version adds screencasting functions for recording video clips.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a pretty feature-packed piece of freeware with many different screen capture options and a built-in editing program. Users can take captures from the whole screen, active window, a selected area, or even pull on images from a scanner. From there, you’ll be able to crop, rotate, blur, annotate, and apply other special effects. The app is, in addition, accessible an install- free variant that is portable. Screenshot Captor is freeware, though you’ll need to enroll to the forum for a license key that is totally free of DonationCoder.


PicPick is an all in one screen capture and image editing application available free for private use. PicPick lets snapping a window that is select the whole display or an area of the display. A built-in editor use edits that are complex, along with enables you to add text annotations and arrows, shapes. Screencaps shared to social media, opened within an external editor, or may be saved to some file. Moreover, PicPick is a portable program which can be held in a flash drive without requiring installment to plug and play anywhere.


Greenshot is a lightweight screenshot capture application and image editor that comes with numerous convenient integrations and a built-in image editor for annotations, obfuscating and highlight sections of your screenshot. Otherwise, Greenshot sits in your system tray, where it is possible to obtain and configure its settings.

P.S. Want to take lots and lots of screenshots? You need a workflow and a plan. Here’s a good screenshot workflow.