Poptropica Nabooti Island Covered Step-by-step

Arriving at the blimp, proceed to the Museum, talk to the lady beside the Nabooti Totem pole and she’ll give you the Africa map. After That go to the plane at the left and get in and fly. With the handy map of Africa in your possession, you can travel several places.

Your mission for this island is very simple: find the missing Nabooti jewels and return them to the totem pole inside the museum.

Your First Stop: Blue Nile Falls

Your first task here is to head to the top of the waterfall to help the girl transport her two animals (chicken and fox) and her bag of feed across the gorge. It’s a little tricky, because if you don’t know how to transfer them in order, chicken will eat the corn feeds and fox will eat the chicken. This is what you do: first, take the chicken across and next bring the feed over (but bring the chicken back with you!) Now take the Fox across and leave him with the feed and then return to grab the chicken and bring him over. As her way of saying thank you, the woman will reveal the location of a hidden cave by the waterfall. To get there, jump up and to the right or drop back down and climb up the long way.

Once you enter the hidden cave, you need nabooti island walkthrough to move across the stones by jumping off each one as soon as you land on it. It’s a bit challenging, if you fail to jump on the platform, you need to start all over again. The trick here is when jumping, point your mouse exactly where you want your character to land. You’ll find the Purple Jewel at the end of the cave. Almost done: before you go, you need to grab the blue Egyptioan Lily flower that you’ll find at the top of the waterfall. Once you have it, return to Nabooti. Speak to the lady at the Market and trade the Egyptian Lily for a turban. You will need this to get the next Jewel.

Next destination is the Mountains of the moon: Red Jewel

Run over to the left to start ascending the mountain. You need to avoid the rocks that fall and roll as well as the pesky mountain goats. At the top left corner of the mountain, you’ll find a lady that is curious about the fruit over the hill, get the opuntia fruit (cactus pear) and continue climbing. Go to the top right corner near the ice – beat the old man, he will challenge for a mini game Mancala, you’ll solve the puzzle really quick here. When you win, go inside the cave, just like o the Blue Nile Falls, you need to pass through to the platform, it’s much harder because the icy platforms are slippery, and if you fall you need to start over again. Grab the mobile phone that is down at the bottom. You will find the Red Jewel at the end of the cave.

Next Stop: The Kaya Forest

Before you go to Kaya Forest, you need to go to Giza first, make sure you have your turban. Wear your turban and the workers here will take you as one of their own and give you a shovel. You will see that a valuable item was recovered by the adventurer Vince. Before helping the tomb raiders, go back to your plain and go to the Kaya forests. On the Kaya Forests use the opuntia fruit to lure the tortoise (Big Turtle), it will reveal a hole and dig it up using the shovel, you will find the ebony elephant statue and two strange ghosts will appear. Click on the one on the left and he’ll tell you to return a Fingo to him for a reward. Head back to the plane. Before you leave, be sure to grab the gold nugget that is up in the palm tree above the second hut.. Return to the marketplace in Nabooti to trade your gold nugget for a camera and the ebony elephant for a fingo.”. Bring the Fingo back to the ghosts in the Kaya Forest and they will swap the Green Jewel of Nabooti for it.

Now go to Giza: Blue Jewel

You’ll still need to be wearing your turban and have the cell phone in your backpack. If you take a look at the shovel, you’ll see there’s a phone number written on the handle. Dial the number on the phone, and Vince will go inside his tent. When he does, the workers will all run away. Walk over to the tent and get the moonstone from inside Vince’s bag. Put it atop the Sphinx statue and the door will open. Keep walking forward until you reach a series of dashes on the wall.

When you click on one, the other three rotate by 90 degrees. So press each one of the horizontal lines exactly once and they will all line up horizontally. This allows you to take the upper path and avoid the scorpion.

When you reach the set of four blocks, push them off either side to re-create the design on the wall below. In the second puzzle, you need to push the blocks on top of the platform down and arrange them underneath to match the layout on the wall. It’s a little tougher than it first seems because you need to do things in a certain order that will look like the image on the wall. If you mess up, you can pull the reset handle and start over. Once you’re done, it will open the wall above. You’ll arrive at the next puzzle. Now you must jump up another series of platforms. Each one has different hieroglyphics (pictures) on it and you must jump on them in the correct order or they will all come crashing down and you’ll have to start over again. The correct order is person, boat, bird with staff, eye. Then you can jump onto the row of bricks above your head. For the last puzzle, there are 2 big statues and 4 little statues. Count the dots on the bellies of the little ones. rapidly The small mummy case opens to reveal the Blue Jewel.

The Adventure Continues: Safari and Diamond Mine

First fly to the Safari. With your camera, take seven good pictures of the animals in the safari for Zeke. He’ll give you the miner’s hard hat as a reward. You need to have the hard hat to enter the Diamond Mine. The fly to Diamond Mine, enter the mine area and set the timer that turns off the electric fence, then quickly scramble up the conveyor to reach the hole in the barbed wire. Leap over the rolling carts to get to the elevator. Once in the mine, blast the rock and the right wall with the explosive and the sparking wire. The first explosion you set will destroy the boulder and the second explosion that you set will blow up the wall of rock. Ride the mine cart (duck and jump) to the diamond pile. There is a large black rock with diamonds still inside it. Click on the rock and you’ll play an easy mini-game where you need to find the final white Nabooti crystal with a magnifying glass. The Nabooti Crystal is easy to spot, since it has a tiny engraving on it. It’s over on the left side and very easy to locate. Now that you have all the Nabooti Jewels, get out of here and return to your airplane.

Return to the Nabooti, proceed to the museum, and put the jewels into the Nabooti totem in order: From the top Purple, Green, Red, White, Blue. Once the jewels are in place, something amazing happens to the statue.

Great Job, you have finally beaten Nabooti Island! The Nabooti Island medallion is now yours to keep.


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